A regular Boiler Service is key to a healthy boiler, a healthy boiler keeps your home warm and water hot. If you would like to book your Boiler Service Milton Keynes with Glo Central Heating and Plumbing please contact us here.

What does a boiler service involve?

A Boiler Service involves a full check of your boiler to assess the condition of the boiler, pipework, ventilation and the flue. The boiler will be stripped and the combustion chamber thoroughly cleaned. Performance tests will then be run alongside the checks to ensure there are no leaks of carbon monoxide or gas.

  • Visual check to ensure your boiler meets with current regulations and standards.
  • The boiler will then be fired to check it is running correctly.
  • The main boiler components will be checked such as the spark/sensor probe, burner, and heat exchange to make sure they are all in correct working order.
  • The gas value will then be checked to ensure that the burner is combusting efficiently using a flue gas analyzer.
  • A service report to show the work the engineer has undertaken along with a Gas Safe Certificate confirming your boiler is safe.

A common question asked is “Do I really need my boiler servicing yearly?”

The short answer to this is yes so book a Boiler Service Milton Keynes, if you want to reduce the risk of a boiler break down, Yes. But there are many other benefits to your yearly service:


With the cost of energy increasing year on year, an annual service will ensure that your boiler isn’t using more fuel than it needs to, to sufficiently heat your home and saving you money. Whilst in addition reducing your home emissions.


Making regular checks on your boiler allows for small defects to be picked up and repaired before they have a chance to cause significant issues, which can, if left un-repaired, lead to boiler breakdowns. Emergency boiler call-outs can be costly and can leave you without hot water and heating. Book a Boiler Service Milton Keynes.


Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure a yearly service is provided to all their rental properties. Boiler servicing must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer to produce a Gas Safety Certificate. Glo Central Heating and Plumbing can complete this for you. If you are a landlord requiring a boiler service for a rental property. Please contact us here.

To find out more about Landlord certificates and Landlord responsibilities please click here.


Due to carbon monoxide poisoning, on average, 20 people die each year in the UK . A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous to you and your family if leaking carbon monoxide (CO). A boiler service will detect if your boiler is leaking CO and consequently put a stop to it immediately.

If you have safety concerns, Glo Central Heating and Plumbing offer an additional service to supply and fit a Carbon Monoxide Detector when Servicing your boiler.

If you are worried about carbon monoxide leaking from your boiler or appliances then please make an emergency appointment here. To find out more about carbon monoxide please click here and you will be redirected to the health and safety executive.


To keep your boiler warranty in place, many manufacturers warranties almost always require a yearly service to be completed by a Gas Safe engineer.

Take a few simple steps and keep your boiler and home healthy;

1. During the summer months, we tend not to use our boilers to heat our homes. This amount of time not running can cause some boilers to develop faults or the last thing anyone wants on the run up to the winter months, boiler breakdowns. By running your boiler for 10-15 minutes every couple of months, this can help your boiler to run smoothly into the winter.

2. Glo Central Heating and Plumbing can supply and fit a carbon monoxide alarm into your home. Carbon monoxide cannot be detected by a human’s sense of smell. Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas that is produced when your boiler fuel does not burn as it should. By investing in a relatively cheap battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm or installing one into your home, you can therefore protect your family from potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Do not try and fix it yourself. Contact Glo Central Heating and Plumbing. Boilers are dangerous and complex appliances, therefore is best left to the professionals, it’s safer for you and your boiler.

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