A common fault within a heating system is the build-up of rust, sludge, limescale and debris. This can cause cold patches on radiators or worse, blockages that can lead to boiler failure. To book a Power Flush Milton Keynes with Glo Central Heating and Plumbing contact us today.

What is a Power Flush?

Power flushing is a process to maintain and deeply cleanse the heating system to remove the build-up of rust, sludge, limescale and debris within. This builts up over a period of time in radiators, pipework and the heat exchange. Water and chemicals are flushed through the system using special equipment at a high speed to loosen and remove the unwanted build up. The system is flushed until water samples are clean and the pH is neutral. After every Power Flush, Glo Central Heating and Plumbing will install a MagnaClean filter. This will help to prevent future build ups of rust, sludge, limescale and debris. If you already have a filter in place we will replace it and fit a brand new one, if neccessary. Finally, a corrosion inhibitor will be added into the system and the radiators will be balanced.

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Does my system need Power flushing?

If your central heating is temperamental with cold spots on radiators or cold radiators at the top or bottom, unusually loud, repeatedly cutting out, giving you very little or no hot water or increased energy bills, this would suggest your system needs some TLC.

Manufacturers will generally require all new boiler installations to include a Power Flush to keep the boiler warranty valid. This is because manufacturers need to know that the boiler has been installed into a clean system.

If you have cold radiators, an unusually noisy boiler or high energy bills and want to help reduce the risk of unnecessary and costly boiler breakdowns, book an appointment today for a Power Flush Milton Keynes.

What to expect after the process?

The results will take immediate effect to help achieve even heat distribution in radiators. You could see your energy bill reduce by up to 25%. This is because your boiler is having to work so hard to heat your home through the debris. By removing the strain from the boiler, your home should heat up faster, whilst using less energy, reducing the running cost.

The process helps to prolong the life and reliability of the heating system. It makes for a quieter system, keeps your hot water flowing and stops those frustrating boiler cut outs.

Where does the sludge and debris come from?

Most Sludge and debris, does not come from your boiler, but from your radiators. Due to particles of dirt from the water within the heating system combine with the rust, usually from your radiators. The dirt and rust combine and as a result create sludge. The sludge is then passed through the system, leaving behind as it goes, particles that settle and begin the build-up. In conclusion this can block pipes, radiators and the boilers heat exchange which can be costly to repair.

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